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Titikaka Lake

Three hours from the city of La Paz you will find the beautiful and spectacular Titicaca lake (the highest in the world) with the islands of the sun and of the moon. Thanks to the many natural advantages for mankind, the Chiripa, Tiwanaku and the Inca Culture were established. The last was the most important ceremonial center. The landscape is spectacular, the waters of different colors, the cattail(Totora) reeds on its banks give it a majestic appearance.

In the port of Suriki live the expert weavers of totora rafts. The totora craft. At the moment the totora craft too attracts thousands of tourists a year. A handcrafts center that exhibits and sells local crafts, and replicas of trans-oceanic rafts as the RAII, URU, CHIMOX, TIGRIS and others. Various boat makers such as the brothers Esteban and the family Limachi were taken to Morocco to build the RAII with which the Scientist Thor Heyerdhal developed and proved his theory about crossing the oceans by means of primitive ships.

This is an important tourist center in Bolivia. This small city rises next to two picturesque twin hills that you gently down the lake. Here you can see the white walls and the tower of the temple that rise majestically above the town. The view  is completed with the blue of the lake that stretches to the horizon. The majestic tower of the temple of the famous darkskinned Mary virgin, Virgin of the Candelaria or Virgin of Copacabana was carved in 1582 by devout native sculptor Francisco Tito Yupanqui. At 400 metres from the population of Copacabana and at 104 metres above the lake, on the hill Kesanani you can find one of the most beautiful astronomical observatories of the ancient world, called “Horca del Inca”, where you can still witness the equinoxs and solstices.

Isla de la Luna
This is the second holy island of the Incas, and still has remains of the ancient civilization. From the island of the moon the landscape and views on the Cordillera Oriental(Andes mountain range) are amazing.  The biggest building on the island is Ajllawasi or House of the Virgins Chosen by the Sun. It faces towards Illampu the eternally snow-covered mountain.

Isla del Sol
The beautiful island can be reached after a 1 hour boat trip from Copacabana.  This island has Pre-Columbian Monuments such as the palace of Pikokaina, Chinkana, Perron of Yumani, which rise up to 65 metres from the bay, at the end of which you will find the holy fountain of Eternal Life, and the fabulous Incan terraces from where Manco Kapac and Mama Ocllo left to create the Incan Empire.


Hostal República | La Paz Bolivia Hotel