Hostal República | La Paz Bolivia Hotel

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Visita a mercados indígenas
In the markets you can see the cholitas fruteras*, who sell an  abundance of fruit for the pleasure of their customers.
* fruit-sellers dressed in traditional clothes (cholitas)

El Prado
The area around Arce Avenue was declared Urban Architectural Heritage of the Municipality. The Prado the way it looked in the past and today.

View Points
There are a lot of viewpoints around La Paz from which you can see spectacular views of the whole city.

Moon Valley
Singular geologic landscape, group of rock formations formed by erosion and contained in clusters and arrays. They give the impression of being a lunar landscape hence the name.

Located in the outskirt of the city, Mallasa provides an environment where the weather is nice and you can stay for an excelent weekend. Recommended for all the people who like Quad driving.

Valley of the spirits
Enigmatic place where you can admire the rocky formations, attractive to tourists because of its natural beautity.


Hostal República | La Paz Bolivia Hotel