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Atractivos en La Paz

La Paz, por su geografía, es un lugar donde se pueden realizar diversas actividades culturales o de aventura. A continuación algunos de los sitios más importantes:


Carnaval - Entrada Universitaria
Ch’alla on Shrove Tuesday, Jisk’a Anata and Chuguiagu Anata are festivities represented by the traditional characters pepino and chu’ta cholero it.  After the festivals people choose the Ñusta and King Pepino.  The university parade is a folk music and dance activity that forms part of the July festivals.


Curva Apolobamba
Tilinhuaya and Yurax Uno, are communities that are visited very often by the by the tourists, from here extraordinary 5 day excursions can be organized to Lagunillas, Curva, Pelechuco and Agua Blanca.

This community is located in The  "Curva" area. It has been the source of the traditional medicine culture called "Kallawaya".

Visita a mercados indígenas
In the markets you can see the cholitas fruteras*, who sell an  abundance of fruit for the pleasure of their customers.
* fruit-sellers dressed in traditional clothes (cholitas)
Adventure tourism
Ice Climbing
Different peaks of the Cordillera represent new challenges for the climber with various levels of difficulty.

Takesi Trek
40 km. east of La Paz  following the road to Ventilla and at the foot of the snow - covered mountains Mururata and Takesi, one can find the beautiful and important old road that joins the altiplano (highlands) with the warm valleys and the Amazon.

Muela del diablo
This is a popular trek for 1 day. It offers a spectacular view of the city and the mountains. You should go with a guide if you don’t know the way. This trek takes 5 hours. It is recommended that you bring some food, a hat and good boots.

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Hostal República | La Paz Bolivia Hotel