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Other Bolivian Destinations

Cochabamba is located in the center of Bolivia.  There is a large variety of climates and zones from the Andes to the tropical region called Chapare with its warm valleys.


Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz is located in the east of Bolivia, this geographical area has an amazon region and a mountain region. The climate changes with the altitude, from hot and humid in the tropics to cold in higher parts

Highlights of the city: This captivating city of south America is at the same time an ancient but modern city. Together with the hospitality and warmth of their inhabitants and the beauty of the women it is to become an attractive touristic place of first category.  The main attractions are the Arenal park and The Municipal Ethno-folkloric Museum. Main highlights are “Las Misiones”, The Noel Kempf Mercado  Park, The Amboró Park, The Bolivian Pantanal.

Chuquisaca (Sucre)
Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia, but only the Supreme Court of Justice resides there, while The Executive and Legislative powers resides in La Paz. It’s furthermore the capital of the Chuquisaca department. Located in a valley surrounded by mountains, at 2790 m of altitude, Sucre is a lovely small city of a 100.000 inhabitants. It has  lots of churches, museums and historical buildings.  

Potosí is located at 4090m, the highest city in the world. It has been expanding until it became the biggest ans the richtest town in South America in the XVIII century.  The silver extracted from the mines supported the Spanish economy for centuries. Today, tourists can see and admire a spectacular colonial Potosí  with churches, monuments and others architectural elements.  This is one of the places that you need to visit when you're in Bolivia.
The Potosí department with its overwhelming landscapes such as salar de Uyuni (immense salt plains), laguna colorada, laguna verde, laguna blanca, volcan tunupa and others should not be overlooked.

Oruro is a unique city in the south of the highlands(altiplano), located at an altitude of 3702m and three hours from La Paz city. It is called “Folkloric Capital of Bolivia”  The main cultural attraction is the “Carnival of Oruro” (February or  March) with an amazing variety of music and folkloric dancing.

Furthermore Oruro contains attractive landscapes for example the snow -covered mountain  “Sajama” at 6542m and the National Park of Sajama. 

Tarija is called “The andalucía of Bolivia” because the weather, architecture and vegetation are Mediterranean. Part of their inhabitants have European ascendence. Some characteristics of Tarija are the vineyards and Orchards which are carefully cultivated and their people are so kind and hospitable because they live in tranquility and good mood.


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