Hostal República | La Paz Bolivia Hotel

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Our History
Hostal Republica was created as a hotel company in 1982. The origin of architectural house for the colonial-style Republican with central courtyards and rooms in their environment in two plants, which were distributed on the social and private family areas. Already in the rear of the house were located garden, swimming pool and rooms for staff.

The place where is the Hostal República was built in 1898. It is the Mariaca – Pando ‘s family.

In those days It had stable swimming pool, oven, orchard, what is more a series of  warehouse for vegetables and tubercles which were cultivated in different own places of the family (Araca, Yanari, Ranchopampa, Paulihuata, Cotapampa).

The General José Manuel Pando, President of the Republic of Bolivia (1899- 1904) lived in this residence years ago his presidential regimen. He was assessinated by political causes in 1917.   After his dead the house has been formed  a part of the next generations.

Hostal República was born like as hotel enterprise in 1982.  The political and social situations like as the revolution of 1952 changed dramaticatly the Bolivians sociality and aproximadly from 1940 to the fundation of the hotel was the residence around or more 100 people, whom rented rooms for personal or family home. In those days the house was suffering a deterioration includes the sells a parts of  the original home.

The architectonic origin of the house is Colonial and Republican with main courtyards and rooms around it in two floors. Where the distribution were socials and privates family zones. And in other side of the house were the orchard, swimming pool and the employees rooms.


Hostal República | La Paz Bolivia Hotel